Portrait photo of Hiba Hayek


Hiba Hayek is a Jordanian jewellery designer, product designer, interior designer and entrepreneur, with a vision to inspire people through her spiritual products and creative projects. Hiba studied fashion, graphic, and product design, at London’s Chelsea College of Art & Design, graduating from Central St. Martins and completed her Interior Design Degree at KLC School of Design. Hiba developed a deep passion for empowering jewellery after discovering the magical essence of precious stones and symbols. She has ever since dedicated herself in crafting symbolic jewellery centred on balance, healing and protection.



Hiba believes in the importance of human stories and the connection with places, people and our own identity, transcending any barriers of language, geography, and culture. This philosophy is the foundation of the Hiba Hayek Collection where geometry and materials have been used to invoke tactile stories, in pure and surprising forms, and sometimes with intriguing juxtapositions. By harnessing the spirituality of precious gems, Hiba has created unique jewellery pieces that are not only beautiful, but also motivational and empowering. Hiba’s approach is more than simply the nostalgic preservation of time-honoured traditions, it is to translate the traditional into something energetic and alive.

A collection of necklaces hung creatively on the back of a female model
Portrait photo of Yehia Moldan


Yehia Moldan is an Arabic typographer and graphic designer with a unique style that incorporates aspects of the Imazighen alphabet, traditional Bedouin tattoo designs, as well as the Latin alphabet and inspirations from Viking symbolism. His typography has become popular in the Arab tattoo scene, where his designs adorn over 2,000 bodies. His inspiring designs can also be seen in logos, on posters, in the form of sculptures, jewellery, and increasingly incorporated in decorative articles and furniture. Hiba and Yehia have joined their creative forces in an inspiring collaboration that beautifully incorporates Yehia’s modern and minimal typography with Hiba’s refined products.



An award-winning designer with a list of prestigious clients, Hiba holds numerous arts and design degrees including a BA in Product Design and an Honors Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from London’s KLC School of Design. Her love and deep understanding of joinery, textures, fabrics, colour, style and form are invaluable to clients looking to create unique spaces that inspire, welcome, and speak to people – often on a subconscious level. Hiba has a diverse interior design portfolio ranging from chic residential interiors to practical commercial spaces, where form is always followed by function and finesse. By blending traditional with modern styles, Hiba's projects are never short of character.